3D and AR Operations Manager

The 3D & AR Operations Manager will implement and manage our asset creation process, so that we optimise the cost and speed of asset creation whilst creating the highest quality Shoppable 3D and AR content in the world.

They will be responsible for managing the pipeline that handles requests for tens of thousands of physical products to be turned into 3D and AR assets for our clients which range from high end luxury brands to some of the worlds biggest retailers. They will work with clients, our product teams who are building tooling to support this work, our art teams and external suppliers keeping the process running effectively and keeping everyone up to date.

They will also be required to learn the role from the ground up, understanding 3D asset creation, troubleshooting basic issues working with clients on individual products through to having a firm grasp on overarching performance and working with product and engineering to improve our tooling. Over time this role may become more focused on the management of our Asset Creation product and potentially provides a route into Product Management.

Success in this role will be making sure that we set clear expectations with our clients, often exceed them and find ways to make our asset creation process the fastest in the world.

This is a fully remote role, we currently have team members based in the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland and Croatia but are open to other locations with substantial timezone overlap.


  1. Design and Implement Asset Creation Process: Develop and refine the workflow for converting physical products into 3D and AR assets. This includes mapping out the entire pipeline from initial request to delivery, ensuring each step is optimised for cost, speed, and quality.
  2. Manage Asset Creation Pipeline: Oversee the operational aspects of the asset creation pipeline and ensure we are hitting production targets and deadlines. This involves handling large volumes of product requests, prioritising tasks based on client needs and resource availability, and ensuring timely delivery of high-quality 3D and AR assets via internal and external teams.
  3. Collaboration and Coordination: Act as a liaison between clients, internal product teams, art teams, and external suppliers. Facilitate smooth communication and collaboration across all parties to maintain an effective asset creation process.
  4. Quality Control and Optimization: Create a set of quality standards and benchmarks specific to 3D and AR content. Use these benchmarks to perform regular audits of the asset creation process and outputs, identifying areas for improvement and innovation.
  5. Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving: Develop a knowledge base or FAQ resource for common issues encountered during the asset creation process, enabling quicker resolution of similar issues in the future and ensure that these learnings get fed back to sales and product.
  6. Performance Monitoring and Improvement: Utilise data analytics and performance metrics to identify trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities within the asset creation pipeline. Lead strategic discussions with product and engineering teams to prioritise and implement tooling improvements.
  7. Learning and Development: Organise regular training sessions and workshops for the team on the latest 3D and AR creation techniques, software updates, and industry best practices, ensuring the team remains at the forefront of the field.

Management and Leadership Skills

  1. Strong project management skills, including scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation
  2. Ability to lead and motivate a diverse, remote team, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment
  3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capable of working effectively with clients, team members, and external partners
  4. Experience initiating and executing multiple projects simultaneously with minimal guidance, across different time zones, and with multiple stakeholders.
  5. Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot technical issues that affect operations (ideally in 3D)
  6. Adept at analysing processes and workflows to identify bottlenecks and implement improvements
  7. Experience partnering with technical teams (e.g. Engineering, Product Management)
  8. Minimum 3 years of experience working in operations for a tech company